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My name is Kay Hougaard
I was born in Denmark in the wonderful year of 1960

CEO, Developer of Mental Training Programs, author and lecturer. Teaches Modern Shapeshifting, how to live on Universal Energy, Mental training for military, athletes and private persons to gain power, stamina and precision. Healer, Coach, Reiki Master & Teacher, Martial Arts Master, teacher in Mindfulness.

Many years ago I created Lotus Health Care Research Institute (LHCRI) that aims to: research new methods for promoting well-being and quality of life, as well as for treating atypical behavior, physical, emotional and mental disorders of any kind, including examining the underlying causes thereof. The Lotus Health Care Research Institute also aims to research new education and self-development methods in behavior, well-being, quality of life, physical, emotional and mental disorders of all kinds.

On a daily basis I own and manage a large treatment center in Aarhus, Denmark.

I started my first company in 1985, and I have had many different types of companies over the years. The company I have had for the longest time was a computer company “business to business” that I had for more than 25 years. I have always had a different way of understanding how a business can be even more successful, no matter if it is a small business or a global company.

For many years I have been developing and working with creating life changing Mental Programs. I have a much different and Higher understanding of the human brain, of the human behavior and of life in general.
I have been working as a healer and coach for more than a decade and many people around the world benefit from my guidance both in their private and professional life.

I started doing Martial Arts in 1972, and I have made my own special kind of energetic Martial Arts that shows the principle of energy and the behavior of the human brain and body when affected physically or energetically in different ways.

I have always been following my intuition. In doing so I get many new ideas on how to optimize and to perfect the human body and mind. I have always been thinking out of the Box.

My most recent program, that I have developed in 2018, is
Modern Shapeshifting.

Since 2013 I have also been teaching students how to live on
Universal Energy.

Author of “The Book on ADHD & ADD - Sensitive Children & Adults” and "The Book on Cancer". The books are translated into several languages. More info at

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