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New treatment of children and adults with ADHD, ADD and autism

We treat the root cause of these diagnoses, and not the symptoms. At our treatmentcenter we have helped and guided children and adults with ADHD, ADD and autism for many years. The guidance has always been based on our own knowledge and the experiences we have with helping these children and adults to get a new balanced life.
Below is an introduction to our work and experiences.

It´s sensitivity and not a disease

People with ADHD, ADD and autism are not sick. They are just very sensitive individuals and when they are stressed out, they get these diagnoses.

Children and adults with ADHD and ADD have very natural abilities and positive human qualities which others do not have, and from which we can all learn a lot.
They are also very intelligent, are on a higher level of development than other people, and born with an innate code stating that humans are not allowed to decide for each other.

Very sensitive people and autism
Very sensitive people sometimes get an autism-diagnosis. The autism spectrum ranges from Infantile Autism which is innate and causes various degrees of lack in language, repetitive movements and often self harm. Those with Aspergers are in the other end of the spectrum using their high intelligence for a specific cause or interest.

Regardless of infantile autism or Aspergers, their high degree of sensitivity makes it difficult or impossible to engage socially with other people. They simply get an overload of impressions and are even more stressed out than those with a basic ADHD or ADD diagnosis.

Imbalance leads to psychiatric diagnoses
The public health service often meets those with ADHD, ADD and autism, when they are very imbalanced and stressed out, and that again leads to the diagnoses.
The diagnoses are how the health care system describes a condition which of course is serious for the affected sensitive people.

But as long as the basic cause “sensitivity” is not understood or recognized and thereby handled, it will be difficult to change much, and often medication is the long term solution for a lot of people.

New perspective on ADHD and ADD in our book
We have written “The Book on ADHD & ADD - Sensitive children & adults” based upon the experiences we have with helping people at our treatment center For more info about the book:

No matter which degree of sensitivity or diagnoses our clients have, we use the same basic model of guidance and coaching, because it is just the degree and kind of imbalance that varies.

To us the high sensitivity is a strength and an unfulfilled potential. We help people into a new understanding of themselves and the abilities they have.
Often sensitive people have felt different their entire life, and everything falls into place inside them, when they get a new understanding of themselves.

No matter age it is all about learning how to find peace and rest inside oneself, and not have the inner sensors searching all over the place constantly. That way sensitive people with ADHD, ADD or autism will be well-balanced, and the high sensitivity will be a tremendous strength to the individual, because a new understanding and a solid foundation is the base of a new life.

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