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The psychological cause of Cancer

Here we present a new perspective on the cause of Cancer. We have helped and guided people with Cancer, and their relatives, for a number of years at our treatmentcenter Our experiences show that Cancer is caused by a specific way of thinking. If people change the way they think, they cure themselves completely of Cancer.

Western countries most affected by Cancer
Countries in the West are the ones most affected by Cancer and the numbers are increasing. Cancer is a rare disease in the East. Our country, Denmark, has been number one on the worldwide Top 10-list of Cancer from 2012-2016.
In 2018 and 2019, Denmark ranked 8th, although the number of Cancer cases in Denmark has risen slightly. Denmark has thus only dropped to 8th place, because the number of Cancer affected people has increased significantly in the other countries.

Worldwide Top 10-list of Cancer:
1) Denmark
2) Ireland
3) Australia
4) France
5) New Zealand
6) USA
7) Belgium
8) Norway
9) Canada
10) The Czech Republic

Helpful people get Cancer
The experiences from our treatment center show a totally different cause of Cancer than medically verified.
Getting Cancer has nothing to do with smoking cigarettes or hereditary genes, unhealthy lifestyles, pollution, HPV viruses or any of the other verified causes.

All those affected by Cancer, we have helped at our treatment center, have had the same mindset. They do not take care of themselves, and often they help other people.

All those, who have been cured of Cancer, have learned to take care of themselves and learned to choose themselves first and others second. This change in behaviour is also remarkable in the various books written worldwide by or about Cancer affected people, who have been cured.

The risk of developing Cancer is only present if people have this specific mindset in which they put themselves aside to meet the needs of others. In the East, people do not put themselves aside, and therefore Cancer is a rare disease.

People with Cancer often say “yes” to these questions:

  • Are you a helpful person?

  • Do you feel better, when other people are well?

  • Do you know the needs of other people better than your own?

  • Do you find it difficult to say “No”?

  • Do you automatically help people everywhere? Or needy animals?

  • Are you often told to mind your own business?

  • Do you know the best solution but people get angry when you help?

How to cure oneself from Cancer
At our treatment center we have years of successful experience with helping Cancer affected people no matter how advanced the Cancer is.

In personal coaching sessions clients get the guidance to change their mindset to become more selfish. People have to change their mindset completely to cure themselves from Cancer, and this can be very difficult for Cancer affected people to do all on their own.

When clients change their mindset and behavior, the Cancer will not relapse because there is no longer a risk of getting Cancer with the changed mindset.

The changes can be done quickly, efficiently and completely without medication or chemotherapy. The clients decide, of course, whether they still want to receive conventional treatment during the coaching sessions.

Get guidance in our book
Based on the experiences from our treatment center we have published a book on how to cure oneself from Cancer. You can read more and buy the book on our website On the cover of the book it says:

“If you follow the advice and instructions in the book completely,
you will quickly cure yourself,
no matter how advanced your illness is.”

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