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School Program:

New school for sensitive children
- with or without diagnoses like ADHD, ADD and Autism

We will make a new kind of school: "The School"
Due to the lack of understanding of sensitive children in the ordinary school system, we have decided to make a pilot project. The foundation of the school will be based on the experiences with ADHD, ADD and Autism from our treatment center

The School will be a "Happy Place" for small children aged 6 to 10 years. The goal is that the new children become perfectly balanced within themselves and have a stress free time when they are in school.
We will also educate the parents so they understand their children completely. This way the parents can create the same atmosphere at home.

Education of teachers
We will educate the teachers with our self developed teaching programs, so they are able to understand the sensitive children completely.
With this understanding of the children, and the teaching methods we have developed, the children will have a fun and relaxing time when they learn and the children will love school.

The pilot project´s start
The first school will be founded in Denmark. Here we will pick 20-25 children with or without diagnoses, and we will decide who can join the school. This way of choosing is to make sure that the children with the greatest needs are chosen.
The school will bee FREE of charge and will only be supported by donations. This decision is made because we believe that it will help everyone the most, rich or poor. We are
only doing this for the children, because they have the biggest problems of being understood in today´s school system.

Future schools abroad
When we have a completely stable foundation in the pilot project, we will open schools in other countries based on the same structure, and all the schools will be FREE of charge and only run through donations.

Schools based on donations
Donations will be accepted from everyone. It can be companies or individuals.
We will do everything in our power to get all the necessary donations - and more - to create the best school in the world.
The pilot project will be promoted in every social media and through all the people and business friends we know globally. This way we will spread the word wherever we can because this is so important for the children right now.

Our world wide Vision
Our vision is to create a new school system world wide, where the children are the most important.

Our Goal with the schools
Our short term goal is that we want to create the best school in the world, where sensitive children will feel at home and understood in all situations.
We want to create the best environment for these children, so they can experience that adults actually understand them and understand what happens in their mind and why.
We will create these schools completely FREE of charge for the students, so all have the opportunity to be elected.

You can donate here by clicking the Donate button.

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